Standing in one spot Patiently She waited for the wind To come Rustle her leaves, sway her Branches Sweep across her bark and Leave Before a single one of her leaves Fell -LGF


How are you? My conversations can be typed, edited, honed A thousand times before I ever hit send. Does this make me an unreliable narrator? -LGF

To A Bird

Man has copied your wings, we long to fly You have so much of what we desire Freedom of flight, freedom of fun I am pulled down to earth by heavy thoughts. I drove down the hill, aware you were there A pack of three sitting in the road Why were you not in flight?... Continue Reading →


Our Victorian- folk, whimsical and worn Surrounding garden plants dance in the wind, Cry in the rain and burn in the heat Once quaint gardens I forgot to trim back. The hydrangea tree, now natural and unfettered Crowds our entrance way, overspreads its boundary Her viperous roots pushing against the foundation Breathtaking. Our Victorian- vintage,... Continue Reading →


I understand now How silence is deafening. At least when we were screaming We still cared. -LGF

Spider Web

The connection between us is a line of spider silk semi-transparent, bending, yet substantial. You yank on our dragline my spinnerets quicken and a mess of thread spills out. -LGF

Alliteration of P

Poseidon, you power of the sea We can can close our lips Prevent the air’s escape, aspirate when it’s released That push of air emancipating the sound Carefully placed could provide a satisfying peak I’ll let you possess my palace, and we’ll Pretend I’ll be your perpetual goddess Poseidon, quick to temper, push your will... Continue Reading →

Those Women

They are the Audi to my Toyota The waterfront to my water view They don’t have to work but I do They are the Nordstrom to my Rack The Disney trips to my hikes They have the picture perfect life and the likes They are the Whole Foods to my take out The organized to... Continue Reading →

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