Alliteration of P

Poseidon, you power of the sea We can can close our lips Prevent the air’s escape, aspirate when it’s released That push of air emancipating the sound Carefully placed could provide a satisfying peak I’ll let you possess my palace, and we’ll Pretend I’ll be your perpetual goddess Poseidon, quick to temper, push your will... Continue Reading →

Those Women

They are the Audi to my Toyota The waterfront to my water view They don’t have to work but I do They are the Nordstrom to my Rack The Disney trips to my hikes They have the picture perfect life and the likes They are the Whole Foods to my take out The organized to... Continue Reading →

Wine Tasting

Look. Smell. Taste. Think. Glancing through the cool translucent yellow Blurring what lies beyond A ring of light around the edge Long legs run down the side Tantalizing, promising refreshment I long to sip the cool, crisp wine Look. Smell. Taste. Think. I pull it close, timid at first Amateur, I try a sniff and... Continue Reading →


Photo by king Siberia on Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May- William Shakespeare It’s been a long, dry winter I’m ready to be your first warm, humid spring day That first day when we all stay out as long as possible The skin on your arms gulps at the humidity Let... Continue Reading →

Giggling Girls

Photo by Tanguy Sauvin on Three bamboo stalks in a group of many Bend and cover their mouths Giggling like the girls of their home country. The wind has whispered naughty things Into their ears As he went about along his way. -LGF

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