Summer Storm

Standing on the shore, feet sunk into the sand Over the sea a summer storm approaches My legs are strong, spread, ready A flash of light in my peripheral vision The low grumble, a charge of desire quickens Cool air rushes up the beach Smoothing my worry lines Softly rustling my hair Another flash of... Continue Reading →

Bad Decisions

An inexperienced rafter, I find myself Racing down an un-runnable river- Narrow passages, big waves, twists and spins My heart racing with each maneuver.  I’m drunk, laughing, proud to be reckless Fully vested in the adventure; and then An unavoidable rock My body tenses, bracing for impact And I wish I were sober, or had... Continue Reading →

Standing in one spot Patiently She waited for the wind To come Rustle her leaves, sway her Branches Sweep across her bark and Leave Before a single one of her leaves Fell -LGF


How are you? My conversations can be typed, edited, honed A thousand times before I ever hit send. Does this make me an unreliable narrator? -LGF


Our Victorian- folk, whimsical and worn Surrounding garden plants dance in the wind, Cry in the rain and burn in the heat Once quaint gardens I forgot to trim back. The hydrangea tree, now natural and unfettered Crowds our entrance way, overspreads its boundary Her viperous roots pushing against the foundation Breathtaking. Our Victorian- vintage,... Continue Reading →


I understand now How silence is deafening. At least when we were screaming We still cared. -LGF

Spider Web

The connection between us is a line of spider silk semi-transparent, bending, yet substantial. You yank on our dragline my spinnerets quicken and a mess of thread spills out. -LGF

Alliteration of P

Poseidon, you power of the sea We can can close our lips Prevent the air’s escape, aspirate when it’s released That push of air emancipating the sound Carefully placed could provide a satisfying peak I’ll let you possess my palace, and we’ll Pretend I’ll be your perpetual goddess Poseidon, quick to temper, push your will... Continue Reading →

Wine Tasting

Look. Smell. Taste. Think. Glancing through the cool translucent yellow Blurring what lies beyond A ring of light around the edge Long legs run down the side Tantalizing, promising refreshment I long to sip the cool, crisp wine Look. Smell. Taste. Think. I pull it close, timid at first Amateur, I try a sniff and... Continue Reading →

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