Hotmess Attire: What do I wear to work?

Nothing says professional like peanut butter on your boob

In honor of today’s peanut butter on boob, I dedicate this post to my top three hotmess attire moments at work.

I gotta hunch

Number three: The time I forgot to pack a bra in my gym bag and taught the first few classes with my shoulders hunched way forward. I said I had hurt my shoulders at the gym, and it was the only way I could position myself to not be in pain. Thankfully, I had packed a black shirt.

Photo by Alex Kremer on

Number two:The OG to my hotmess at work wardrobe dilemma came many years ago, when my boys were both still in diapers. My children are twenty months apart, there was a time when they were both in diapers at the same time. There was also a time when they ate black beans. One morning, I was changing both of their diapers and it had been black beans the night before. I left for work, and about five minutes into my work day I notice “peanut butter” on my pants. Well, from today’s boob shot, we know peanut butter on my clothing is nothing new. I wiped it away, and [you know where this is going, right?] I licked my hand. It was not peanut butter. I gagged, threw a fit, went home to change my outfit and gargle bleach.

Number one: The day I forgot my pants. Much like the no bra, I forgot to pack pants in my gym bag. Thankfully I was at least able to put back on my gross, sweaty gym shorts. But it was not just any other day at work, oh no it was a jeans day. And beyond that, it was picture day. So in the 2017-2018 year book, I am wearing a fox shirt but what you can’t see below are my smelly gym shorts.

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