Staying loyal isn’t the easiest thing to do

Spanx, interviews and loyalty

I decided to stay put for next year. I negotiated all that I could negotiate and I signed my contract. I am going earn way less than my potential so that my children will continue to have a happier, healthier and safer educational experience. The thing is, loyalty isn’t easy.

I went to a gala this weekend for my school that was black tie optional. I decided to squeeze myself into my LBD and skip renting a ball gown from Rent the Runway because it was a fucking school event.

Thank God for Spanx.

Seriously, Spanx for the win. The cleavage in that picture? That is 9 parts stomach fat right there that had been pushed up to create volume. My cleavage and I went together and left my husband of almost-ten-years home with the boys. Also to get ready, I also spent a full 45 minutes with Youtube and some woman who walked me through contouring my face, the perfect smokey eye and how to add tons of volume to my hair. Why did I go through all of this when I refused to buy or rent anything fancy?

Because I wanted my husband to witness me, with all my fat-in-the-right-spots, “high cheekbones,” smokey-eye, seductress potential. I’m never going to cheat on that man, but sometimes I want him to know that I could. Thirty six years old and I can still turn heads. Have I ever been tempted to cheat? Certainly. After almost a decade married and fifteen years together total, we have had our good days, bad days, good weeks, bad weeks and one hellacious year we hardly made it through. But we’ve fought for it.

So in this spirit, I accepted an invitation to interview next week for a public school with a good pay scale. AND they have an opening for the field that I want to teach in again. This is the handsome, honest, funny, ripped man who also happens to be a secret millionaire. I fully intend of flirty just enough to pique interest so that I know what I could have. Maybe it’s the underappreciation that is rampant in this profession, but I do feel the need to peacock my successes and talents (which haha, are actually thanks to the hard work and dedication my students put it). I want to go out and get noticed and feel wanted, professionally.

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